Statistical Analysis Services for Thesis/Dissertation or articles

Statistical Analysis Services for Thesis/Dissertation or articles

Statistical Analysis Services for Thesis/Dissertation or articles

I work as a statistician for dissertations, theses, articles and  projects.

 I can help you with all statistical aspects of your research: defining the research problems and hypotheses, determining sample sizes, choosing the correct research methods, writing the methodology section (Chapter 3), and interpreting the results (Chapter 4).

✔ Data analysis & write-up
✔ Tables & charts
✔ Quantitative data analysis in SPSS/ PLS / Amos

 ✔ Qualitative data analysis with Maxquda/ NVivo

Determining the sample size with: SPSS sample power

Save money​ and time

I provide statistical consulting and dissertation data analysis services of the highest quality at a fair and affordable cost.

The price of analysis is very low and lower than anywhere else.

Of course, analyzes that have less work are done at a lower price.

Depending on the type and amount of work, it will usually be between $100 and $250.

While statistical consulting firms and other consultants charge $1,000 and more for dissertation statistics research.

How it works

Prepare the data sample, research questions, and hypotheses

Send me the documents to get a quote: Send a message to

We agree upon a price.

50% down-payment via PayPal

I will prepare the example for your approval

After you agree, you pay the remaining 50%

I send you the results.

Pay attention to the following points:

1- The analysis report (chapter 4 of the thesis) is presented in Word file format.

2- The output of the software and the analyzed data will be provided to you.

3- If suggested by the supervisor or the opinion of the researcher, the analysis is done based on their opinion.

4- If the analysis is not approved by the supervisor, advisor, etc., based on their opinion, the researcher will be provided with corrections.

5- We try to provide the researcher with the analysis as soon as possible and in the least possible time.

6- For now, the analyzes will only be done with the software mentioned above.

Contact us using one of the following methods:


Telegram: @abazizi4

WhatsApp : Abazizi

You can also send us your request by filling out the form below, so that we can review it.
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Statistical Analysis Services for Thesis/Dissertation or articles

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